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Are you trying to lose fat, so you don’t have to keep buying bigger and bigger sizes? Want to get back into the beautiful clothes that you have, which are several sizes too small? Would you like to get toned, and have more energy, so that you can do more in your day, go out more, or play with your kids?

This book teaches you, step-by-step, how you can lose 10 – 100 pounds or more safely, effectively, and without regaining it. This is done without gimmicks, fancy equipment, questionable supplements or confusion.

Based on the methodology we’ve successfully used with thousands of personal training clients, this book teaches you how to lose fat, get toned and have more energy from the “inside out.” By focusing on your body’s internal environment (your hormones, digestion, and more), you let fat loss happen as a side effect of getting healthier.

And anyone can do this if they just follow the proven, step-by-step instructions in this book.

In this book, you will learn:

⦁ Whether stress is making your pants tight

⦁ How poor digestion can cause weight gain

⦁ How your hormones affect your body fat

⦁ Strategies to improve your sleep

⦁ How to improve your posture

⦁ Ways to fit exercise into your busy day

⦁ How to get and stay motivated

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