If You Get Muscle Cramps, You Should…

Have you ever been in the middle of a workout or sporting event and got a muscle cramp? Or have you just gotten a muscle cramp in your sleep?


Why do muscle cramps happen and what can you do to prevent and relieve them?

Muscle cramps happen when there is an imbalance in the minerals that help your body regulate your fluids. These minerals are sodium and potassium. As you sweat, you lose these minerals, and the muscles go into spasm.

To prevent muscle cramps, drink electrolyte-rich (electrolytes are sodium and potassium) drinks before and during exercise. One of the best natural electrolyte-rich drinks is coconut water.

Another cause of muscle cramps is magnesium deficiency. Muscles need calcium to contract, but they need magnesium to relax. If there is an imbalance between the amount of calcium and the amount of magnesium, your muscles can’t relax, and you go into spasm. To prevent this, ensure you are getting enough magnesium. So you can either use magnesium supplements, or you can eat foods rich in magnesium (which include halibut, cooked spinach, pumpkin and squash).

Now let’s say that you already have a muscle cramp. Prevention is too late. What do you do now?

The solution is extremely simple. Just contract the muscle opposite the one that’s cramping. So if you get a muscle cramp in your calf, contract the muscle on the front part of your shin (the tibialis anterior). If you get a muscle cramp in your abdominals, contract the lower back muscles. If you get a muscle cramp in your chest, contract the back muscles.

You see, muscles work in opposites. There is a law called “reciprocal inhibition.” This means that when one muscle contracts, the muscle opposite the offending muscle has to relax (otherwise, no motion would occur).

Contract the muscle opposite the cramping muscle long enough for the muscle cramp to go away (which usually takes less than 15 seconds).

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