Best Exercises to do From Home

Best Exercises to do from Home

Skipping Rope

Isn\’t it ironic that the best piece of cardio equipment is also the cheapest? Skipping rope, even at a moderate pace allows you to burn more calories than jogging, but its cardiovascular benefits are only the beginning. And with the right technique, skipping rope is very low impact, in fact significantly more so than jogging.
Skipping rope can be modified to build speed, coordination, and even agility. Try doing that with a treadmill.


What are burpees? Burpees are a full body exercise that has cardiovascular benefits, muscular endurance, leg power and even agility benefits. All in 1 move. To see the proper technique, simply type that word into YouTube, and check out any one of the videos on there.

I should note that if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, avoid the jump phase of the move. Additionally, even if you are at your ideal weight, and still weigh over about 220 pounds, avoid the jump phase.


Squats work almost the entire lower body. Try finding an exercise (besides burpees) that works that many muscles in only one move. Do not look up squats on YouTube. There are plenty of videos on there with bad technique, and I don\’t want you learning the incorrect move. There is a very simple way to teach you to squat correctly.

Take a chair, a bench, a platform, anything that is slightly below the height of your knees. Stand facing away from that platform (or chair, or whatever) about 2-4 inches, and touch your butt to it, then immediately come up. Notice that I said \”touch your butt to it.\” I did not say \”sit down and rest on it before doing your next repetition.\”

Pushups and Variations

One of the cool things about pushups are how adaptable they are to different strength levels. If you can not do the standard pushups, do wall push-aways. Stand about half a meter away from the wall, and simply push yourself away from it.
The next step up in difficulty is doing a pushup on the knees.

The next step up is doing an incline pushup on your feet.

The next step up is doing regular pushups.

If you\’re a real stud, trying doing pushups with 1 leg in the air. Still too easy for you? Try 1 handed pushups.

Scapular Wall Slides

This exercise looks easy, but it will humble even very advanced weightlifters. Check out this video for proper technique:
Some points I would like to call you attention to:

  • Notice how low he brings his arms.
  • Your butt, your upper back and the back of your head should all be in contact with the wall
  • Keep your wrists in contact with the wall. This is very important.
  • Hold the bottom position for 3 seconds.

I won\’t tell you which muscle this works. After doing this for 10 repetitions, you\’ll figure it out for yourself.

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