Is Personal Training For You (it\’s not for everybody)?

Is Personal Training for You? (It’s Not for Everybody)

7 Reasons Why a Personal Trainer Might Be for You

By Jon Yaneff


People have different goals and intentions. Different personalities are motivated by different activities.

How does a human being find their balance within physical activity?

What motivates them to have desires surrounded around their physical appearance? Are they concerned with how people perceive them?

Igor Klibanov is the CEO and owner of Fitness Solutions Plus—a personal training company in Markham that serves the Greater Toronto Area. Klibanov wants to train people who are motivated, so if you are not easily motivated, your personal trainer might just go onto the to-do list, along with your long list of paperwork.

“It’s fine if they are out of shape: we can work with that. We can’t work with people who aren’t motivated,” says Klibanov.

People should also be aware that personal training is an expensive service. It’s only really accessible to the top 15 to 20 per cent of the population, based upon income.

I sat down with Klibanov to hear his top 7 reasons why a personal trainer might be beneficial for you.

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  1. Objectivity: You can’t be objective about your own training. It’s helpful for even a personal trainer to have a personal trainer, so somebody else can be objective about your own training. “After my workout is over if I was with a client, I would not have done those same exercises with them as I did with myself,” explains Klibanov.

  2. More Education: Very often people assume they are doing what is right when it comes to their workout routine, and can’t fathom, ‘why no results? Why no six pack?’ “People think they are doing what’s right, but they’re not seeing the results of their efforts. This can be very frustrating.” Education is key for getting the appropriate results for a particular person, and a personal trainer can assist with this.

  3. Motivation: “Many clients tell us that if they didn’t have an appointment with us, they wouldn’t be working out. They are very honest about it,” says Klibanov. “They are very motivated in their life. Some are very successful CEOs and they realize that if they don’t have it in their schedule, if they don’t have an appointment to keep with someone, they will simply not workout because of a busy workload.”

  4. Access to Other Resources: Fitness Solutions Plus staff are very knowledgeable as personal trainers. They strive to be the best at what they do, but they also search out the best in other wellness fields as well: chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, etc. “I’m going to make sure that somebody I refer reflects me very well.” Fitness Solutions Plus refers clients to chiropractor Dr. Alan Austin and naturopathic doctor Dr. John Dempster.

  5. Support Network Growth: A person’s support network is a great determining factor in their success. People don’t always have the best support network to change their life. Someone’s family might not want to change diets, which can unconsciously act to sabotage a person’s life-changing intentions. Being with a personal trainer 3-4 hours a week can be a very beneficial addition to your support network. Fitness Solutions Plus also introduces clients to other clients with like-minded goals and interests, which helps increase the positivity in their lives.

  6. Accountability: Slightly similar to motivation, but accountability is having it in your schedule and knowing you are going to disappoint another person if you don’t show up and accomplish what you said you would. Not only are you going to disappoint yourself, but possibly a number of other people as well.

  7. Fun: Working out is great, but if it’s not fun for you, chances are you won’t do it. You might understand all the health benefits, you might decrease your chance of heart attack or stroke, but if it’s not connecting with you and you’re not having fun, you just won’t stick with it. A personal trainer helps make that experience fun.

Objectivity, more education, motivation, access to other wellness resources, growing your support network, accountability and fun help make the reasons to have a personal trainer clear as to whether it is right for you.

And always, always—simply have FUN!

About the Author: Jon Yaneff is a freelance writer, promoting healthy living, wellbeing and a conscious lifestyle in York Region and the GTA. Visit his blog at

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