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I have good news for you. My friend, Sol Orwell and his partner, Kurtis Frank are the owners of the largest, science-based website on nutritional supplements. They don\’t endorse any particular company, they just look at different supplements from a scientific perspective. What that means is they actually go through all those boring, tedious, and technical scientific journals to figure out which supplements are truly effective, and which ones aren\’t.

I\’m excited to tell you that they recently came out with a HUGE guide, called the Supplement-Goals Reference Guide.


I\’ve read a lot of books, and have a lot of reference material, but when it comes to supplements, I\’ve never seen anything as thorough and comprehensive as this guide. At over 750 pages, it shows you almost every supplement on the market (without endorsing any one in particular), and analyzes, what has actually been scientifically-proven to work, and what is pure hogwash.

Click here if you want it.

It also has a large section, where you can look up a goal, and then it gives you a list of which supplements are most effective, which supplements are moderately effective, and which supplements say they are effective, but really aren\’t.

Want to learn which supplements you can use to:

  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Manage diabetes
  • Prevent Alzheimer\’s
  • Manage high blood pressure
  • Get rid of constipation
  • Keep a healthy heart?

It\’s all there (and way more)

If you were to sit down one-on-one with myself or a nutritionist for an hour, and actually ask us all the same questions, it would range from $90-$150 for the consultation. The Supplement-Goals Reference Guide is only $39.

So if you want it, click here to get it.

Or if you want even more details, click here.

I am often approached to endorse different products or services to you, my loyal readers. And although I could make a substantial amount of money promoting these different products and services, I choose not to, because unfortunately, most things aren\’t Igor-approved . I\’m very protective of the words \”Igor-approved.\” I only want those words to mean that if it is Igor-approved, it is of the highest quality, and something I truly believe will be beneficial to you. That\’s why in the nearly 2 years that I\’ve been writing this newsletter, this is the first product that wasn\’t created by me that I\’m perfectly comfortable promoting to you.

So if you\’d like to get it, it\’s a downloadable file (in PDF format) that you can have on your computer immediately as soon as you buy it. There\’s no shipping and handling costs, or the risk of it getting lost in the mail.

There is even a 100% money-back guarantee. If you buy the guide, and within 30 days, you don\’t find it useful, just let them know, and you get all your money back, no questions asked.

I highly recommend it. Get it here.

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