Book Review: Discover Your Menopause Type by Dr. Joseph Collins

            Ever since I’ve seen this book on Amazon, I’ve been craving to read it, and I finally have. Boy, am I glad I did. If you know anything about me and my company, you know how individualization is such a central part of our methodology, and that’s why I like this book so much.

            Rather than saying “all menopausal women are deficient in estrogen”, Dr. Collins instead says that there’s more going on during menopause. He focuses on the three major sex hormones: testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. Although he does not neglect to explain the role of the others, like cortisol, insulin, DHEA and more. Dr. Collins says you must specifically test your hormone levels, because if you don’t know, you could be doing more damage than good.

Here are other things I really like about this book:

  • It identifies the 12 different menopause types
  • It gives several treatment options for different imbalances. The options range from simple nutrients, to herbs, to glandulars, to homeopathics, and of course, to straight up hormones.
  • Dr. Collins encourages testing hormones, and not assuming that every menopausal woman who walks around is deficient in estrogen.
  • It has lists of specific substances that are antiandrogenic (lower testosterone), antiestrogenic (lower estrogen) and anti-progestogenic.

The practical applications for our clients of this are immense, and now, we have another tool in our toolbox to help our menopausal clients. If you need help, fill out this form, and let’s talk.


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