Biggest Success Stories of 2014

We’re very privileged to be working with clients who make us really want to get up in the morning. They work hard, they transform their bodies, and as a result they transform their lives.

In this article, we’ll toot their horn for them, and tell you about our biggest success stories of 2014. If you want to be one of the next class of success stories, of 2015, contact us.

Client of the Year: William 

It was a really tough choice, but we settled on William as our client of the year for 2014. William started working with us in July, and at that time, his posture was pretty bad. As someone working at an office job with computers all day, he was very hunched over. Additionally his strength and eating habits were also poor.

Fast forward to December, and here are his results:

  • His core strength has improved considerably
  • He can leg press 360 pounds for 8 repetitions
  • His posture is much better
  • His dietary habits have improved since being armed with the nutritional knowledge which allows him to make smarter eating choices
  • He is more confident and has more energy throughout the day

His trainer, Alex, also says that William comes early every workout to do his posture exercises. He almost never comes late, almost never cancels his sessions, and is always looking for the next improvements.

William also bought our biggest personal training package from the get-go. Sure, he could have used the excuse of “I’m young and can’t afford it”, but he understood the value of using professional help and went all in.

We’re very proud of William, and love it when we see him in the gym.

Honourable Mention: Rick 

Rick, just a few months shy of his 50th birthday had been a lifelong exerciser. But his workouts were getting stale, and his motivation was waning.

So he started working with our trainer, Peter, and from September to December, he:

  • Lost 14 pounds
  • Lost 9 cm (nearly 4 inches) off his waist

Rick also always comes on time, is very compliant with his nutrition, and he rarely ever cancels. Is it any wonder that he was referred to us by our 2012 client of the year, Vicki?

Honourable Mention: David 

David is an inspiration to work with. Up until the age of 69, he has always had a large waist circumference, going way back to when he was a child.

And he had even worked with a personal trainer for 4 years prior to starting to work with us, and still had a large waist circumference of 110 cm (43.3 inches).

So we set him up with our trainer, Alex, and he hit an all-time low of 98.5 cm just prior to his 70th birthday.

He could have used the excuse of “I’m too old for this” or “it’s genetic. All my siblings also have large stomachs”, etc. But he didn’t. He took our nutritional suggestions, worked hard in the gym, and the results speak for themselves.

He’s even become a great ambassador of our company, telling his friends and girlfriend about how much they need strength training. Preach on!

Honourable Mention: Mandy 

Mandy, a 32-year-old marathon runner who heard me speak at the Running Room decided to start working with our trainer Ingrid, who’s downtown Toronto.

Mandy always comes on time, and is very cheerful. In fact, sometimes, she’ll even text Ingrid the next day, telling her how great she feels after the workout.

And in fact, she dropped her marathon time by 18 minutes. She ran the Chicago Marathon last year in 4:37. This year, she did it in 4:19.

Additionally, she hit a personal best in her 10K time, running it in 50:04. That put her third in her age category at that race.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mandy used to suffer from IT band syndrome (in laymen’s terms, pain on the side of your thigh, just above the knee), and even wore an IT band strap when she ran. She no longer has IT band pain, and no longer wears the strap, because she’s now using the right muscles to run.

She attributes it to the glute activation and hip stretching that she’s been doing with Ingrid.

Honourable Mention: Doris 

Doris is another one in our growing stable of superstars. She started working with our trainer, Alex, in September at the recommendation of Dr. John Dempster.

On September 30, she had a body fat of 36%. By December 10th, it dropped to 28.8% (a total loss of 14 pounds of fat, while gaining 7 pounds of lean tissue). That’s seriously fast. We expect to see that kind of progress in about 4-6 months. Not in 2.5. She’s definitely earned that progress with the hard work she puts in.

She also had serious improvements in strength. When she started, she could only hold a plank for 20 seconds. In December, she could do 2 minutes. In September, she could only do a dumbbell chest press with 5 pounds per side. In December, she could do it with 17.5 pounds per side.

She has great energy levels, and her coordination is a lot better as well.

Doris is a super-busy sales professional, and rather than using the excuse of “I’m really busy”, she gets down and gets the job done.

Honourable Mention: Brittney 

Brittney is yet another one of our inspirational clients. At 23 years old, she was tired of her weight. She started working with our trainer, Peter, in late June, and could have used every excuse in the book to not get in shape:


  • My entire family is overweight. They tell me it’s just genetics.
  • I have bad food at work that my coworkers bring, and I can’t help it
  • I’m an emotional eater
  • I live too far
  • I’m young, so I can’t afford personal training

She could have used these excuses. She didn’t use a single one of them. Yes, she didn’t have the greatest circumstances, but none of that mattered.

Between June and December, she only lost 6 pounds, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Because as you know, weight by itself doesn’t say everything. What else happened was that she lost a whopping 14 cm off her waist. That’s nearly 6 inches. She also lost 6 mm from her triceps fat, so she’s on the way to getting those coveted “Michelle Obama arms.” In fact, when we just met her in June, she said that her arms were her most stubborn area, and said that if her arms got slimmer, she’d sing to the world. Guess what? One month later, and she was down an inch in arm circumference (keep in mind, it’s much harder to lose inches from your arms than your waist, because they’re much smaller to begin with).

For these reasons, Brittney gets an honourable mention as client of the year.

Honourable Mention: Pierre 

            After finishing a long, successful accounting career, Pierre decided it was time to take care of his body and his health. He started working with me in April, just shortly before his 69th birthday.

Since then, he’s been an absolute pleasure to work with. He comes on time, works hard in the gym, teaches me things I didn’t know about politics, and loses body fat.

Just before he started working with us, he weighed 266, with a waist circumference of 131 cm (51.6 inches). In his last measurements in December, he weighed 235, and had a waist circumference of 120.5 cm (47.6 inches).

But that’s not everything. His strength and heart dramatically improved. When he just started in April, it took him over 4 minutes to recover between a 4-exercise circuit. Now, on average, it takes between a minute and a half and two. On a good day, it’s around the 1:20 mark.

Another reason why he gets an honourable mention is that he travels a lot. And when he does, he never uses the excuse of “I was away, so I was attacked by donuts and beer, and got a lot fatter.” Instead, he acknowledges that even when you’re away, there’s always something healthy to eat, and he does just that. So his travels don’t derail his plans.

For all these reasons, mon ami Pierre gets an honourable mention.


Now that another year has begun, what will you look like a year from now? Will you have lost weight? Gotten more toned? Will you have more energy? Would you like some recognition, and be written about at this time next year? Contact us to see if it makes sense for us to work together.

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