Top Supplements for Joint Pain

Sometimes, you move one way or another way, and you feel your knee or your lower back, or something else. You think to yourself “where did that come from? That was never there.”

In this newsletter, I’ll show you some of the top supplements for joint pain. But first, let’s talk about the 2 major sites of achy joints, because joints really have a few structures that make them up:

Tendons and Ligaments 

We often group these together, but there’s a distinct difference. Tendons connect muscle to bone. Ligaments connect bone to bone. Learn that difference. I’ll quiz you next time I see you.

If the problem is indeed with your tendons and ligaments, we have to further classify what the problem is:

Are they inflamed?

If so, it’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of AOR’s Inflammation Relief, which was part of the combination that helped me heal my tendonitis. This is one of the greatest supplements for joint pain. Ever since it worked for me, I’ve been telling the world about it, so much that you’d think I make commissions on it. But I don’t. Not a penny.


Original source: here.

The reason it works so well is because one of the main ingredients is curcumin. But unlike curcumin from any other company, AOR developed a specific way to drastically increase how quickly and effectively it gets absorbed. Whereas other companies may show a higher dosage, absorption is very poor. With AOR, the dosage is lower, but absorption is way higher.

This may be the only supplement you need.

Are they torn or partially torn or sprained?

In that case, you can still use AOR’s inflammation relief, but it’s not my first choice. It’ll work as a pain killer, but not so much with the actual re-building.

For that, here are my recommendations:

  1. Lysine. This is an amino acid (part of a protein) that is partially responsible for collagen production. Collagen is what your ligaments and tendons are made of.
  2. Vitamin C. When there is damage to tendons or ligaments, your requirements for vitamin C skyrocket. Why? Because the body requires vitamin C for reparation of tendons and ligaments. My favorite formula that has both Lysine and Vitamin C, in the right dosages (that’s absolutely key!) is Medi-C Plus, by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones.

\"\"Original source: here.

  1. Proline. This is another amino acid that is partially responsible for collagen production. Luckily, AOR has a product that combines Lysine, Proline and Vitamin C. It’s called TLC 3.0. Although it’s marketed as a heart-health supplement, it’ll also do a lot for your tendons and ligaments.


Original source: here.

Is there osteoarthritis?

If there is loss of cartilage, then you need a different approach. You need a combination of anti-inflammatories (again, my go-to is AOR’s Inflammation Relief), and compounds that actually help to re-grow cartilage.

Traditionally, the supplements used for cartilage repair have been:

  1. Glucosamine sulfate
  2. Chondroitin sulfate
  3. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

Both glucosamine and chondroitin make up cartilage. MSM contains sulfur, which is often deficient in those with osteoarthritis.

The best product that I’m aware of that contains all 3 is Chondrocare, by Metagenics.


Original source: here.

An oldie, but a goodie supplement for osteoarthritis is SAMe (for the geeks, it’s s-adenosylmethionine). This one has been used for a very long time, and with tried-tested-and-true results. What it does is it increases the actual production of collagen from a cell called the “chondrocyte.”

And of course, there’s a “new kid on the block” of arthritis supplements, which is eggshell membrane. It’s showing a lot of promise, and now, more and more health food stores are replacing the shelves with Eggshell membrane extract. To my knowledge, the best product on the market for this is Fast Arthritis Pain Relief by Genuine Health.


Original source: here.


There you have it. Now you know the most Igor-Approved supplements for joint pain.

I don’t have a financial interest in any of these companies or products, so go out there with confidence that Dr. Igor has your best interest at heart (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Nor do I play one on TV. I just like the sound of “Dr. Igor”).

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