How Mandy Reversed Her Type 2 Diabetes with Strength Training

Sometimes, I write articles that are deeply scientific (and might I add, with a dash of humor). But today, we’ll take a break from that, and show you a quick case study of one of our clients, Mandy, and how she was able to reverse type 2 diabetes through strength training (and nutrition).

Here’s the 2.5-minute video where she explains what happened.


Unlike most type 2 diabetic, Mandy wasn’t overweight. Type 2 diabetes just “ran in her family.” And, as she explains in the video, when she was younger, her doctor put her on medications, and at first they worked. But eventually they stopped working, and he had to raise the dosage.

After raising the dosage no longer worked, she started going to the gym, and doing cardio several times a week. That also worked initially, but eventually it stopped.

Eventually, she heard me give a talk at a Rotary Club, and started personal training with one of my company’s trainers, Peter-Chris. In the first week, her blood sugar came down to between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol/l. She was able to get off some of her medications with her doctor’s direction, and these days, she maintains a steady blood sugar level of 6.2-6.5 mmol/l. Not ideal just yet, but certainly no longer a diabetic.

Besides good blood sugar control, she’s no longer out of breath when going up the stairs, and has more energy throughout the day.

Ah, the power of combining the right exercise with the proper nutrition.

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