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Finally… Change your body using a holistic approach by combining exercise, nutrition and supplementation.

Learn how to intelligently combine exercise, nutrition and supplementation to improve your physique and feel great!

Changing your body can be confusing and difficult. It’s not your fault. Every new exercise program guarantees a rippling 6-pack in 12 weeks or buns of steel and toned arms in 8 weeks.

There are also lots of nutrition programs out there, but what should you follow? And let’s not forget supplementation. Advertisers will have you believe that by popping a magic pill, your body will magically wave goodbye to fat forever.

The truth is that you’re unique. This site will be the resource you need to finally give you the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation to get the body you want and feel great at the same time.

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Here you will learn:

  • Why your previous exercise programs haven’t worked.
  • Why sometimes, you won’t lose weight despite doing everything right.
  • How hormones affect your body fat

Here is what some of our clients had to say:

“Igor was a fantastic trainer. His enthusiasm about fitness is infectious and he makes you feel capable no matter what your fitness level is or how little experience you have. Sessions went by quickly and even when they were tough, I always felt great afterwards, because Igor made me understand the purpose of every component of the program.\”

– Moriah S, 21, Student

\”Every session has been fun and educational. I love this – and it’s a pleasure to feel motivated again with the teaching of physical and dietary routines and guidelines by someone who clearly knows his stuff.”

– Bill Seneshen, 47, English Teacher

\”When I first met with him he really took the time to listen to what I wanted to accomplish and performed assessments so that he could tailor the program to my needs! I finally enjoy going to the gym!”

– Debra Swartz, 29, Human Resources Manager

\” Igor is always thinking about how he can help you. At the end of the day, I really enjoy my workout with Igor (pain and all), so it keeps me coming back week after week!!!”\”

– Lori S, 40, Accountant

\”Over the past two years, I have gained over 25 lbs of solid muscle. He is a knowledgeable, friendly, motivative, and professional trainer whom I can recommend to people both interested in starting to exercise as well as those that are experienced bodybuilders. He will listen to the results you want to see and make sure you get them”

– Daniel O, 18, Student

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My Story

Pretty soon after I started personal training, I realized that exercise by itself isn’t enough to help a person change his or her body.

You see, unfortunately most personal trainers aren’t trained in nutrition and supplementation. So I had to do a lot of research on my own, and take additional professional development courses to figure these things out. After doing tremendous amounts of research, I realized that fat loss resistance was very real. In some people, there are certain “physiological blockages” that make fat loss more difficult and frustrating than it should be. And unless you know what to look for, you don’t know what to fix. What are these physiological blockages? They could be:

  • Blood sugar problems
  • Slow thyroid
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • High stress levels (yes, believe it or not, high stress levels can cause fat loss resistance)
  • And others.

Over time, I’ve been selected as one of the top 5 personal trainers in Toronto by the Metro News newspaper, written for Healthy Living Magazine, and was the guest expert on Rogers TV.

If you enter your email address below and click “Sign-Up”, you will get a free eCourse about fat loss resistance, and weekly newsletters on many different fitness, nutrition and health-related topics.

Thanks for making this first step towards changing your body and I’m excited to be part of your transformation.

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