Exercise Program Design

Exercise Program Design

After a thorough interview and assessment of your goals, needs, and logistics (like the time that you have available for training, the equipment that is available to you, etc.), we will design an exercise program for you to follow on your own that is highly individualized to your particular situation.

The exercise program design includes:

  • An interview
  • An assessment
  • An exercise program demonstration
  • Unlimited access to me by phone or email for troubleshooting.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress monitoring (depending on your goals)

Advantages of exercise program design

  • Highly individualized to your situation. Takes into account your age, availability (number of days that you\’ll be exercising, and amount of time that you have to devote), equipment (what equipment you have access to), goals, needs, and other variables.
  • Works with your schedule. You don\’t have to conform to a trainer\’s schedule.
  • Cheaper than personal training or semi-private personal training.

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