Man Boobs: How to Get Rid of Them

Today\’s article is by Jessica Culver. I originally met Jessica at a powerlifting competition, where she put up some incredible numbers, while weighing in at an unsuspecting 123 lbs.

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Man boobs. You\’ve heard the term before and have likely used it (jokingly!) to describe a guy who has some extra flab just about everywhere on his body.
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But what about when a relatively lean guy still has some moobage going on? In some cases, it can just be an unfortunate area that his body decides to store fat, but in many cases, it\’s actual breast tissue. Why is this happening to men, even if they rock a lean body otherwise?
Estrogen! Estrogen is primarily a female sex hormone and contributes to breast growth in women. It also determines fat storage patterns, which is why women gain weight in their hips, thighs and buttocks, and men (who typically have much lower estrogen levels) gain weight in their bellies, arms and back.
When estrogen levels rise in males, their testosterone balance is thrown off. One of the results is female fat storage patterns and breast tissue growth. There\’s many causes of high estrogen levels in males but most of it can be combated with proper nutrition.
Environmental estrogens affect us all and contribute to the moob epidemic. Thanks to the rise of the birth control pill, which women pee out, our drinking water contains higher estrogen levels. Plastics, soy products, pesticides, lead, mercury, conventional meat and dairy products (the hormones!) and many household chemicals all have an estrogenic effect when it gets into our body, whether we breathe it, drink it, absorb it through our skin, or eat it.
Avoiding estrogenic chemicals is pretty easy. Switching to organic meats, dairy, vegetables and fruits will greatly reduce the amount of estrogenic chemicals you ingest. Try to avoid anything that comes in plastic, and cut out all soy products as well.Cruciferous vegetables (kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower) also help to balance out unnaturally high levels of estrogen in your body.You can also consume foods that naturally boost your testosterone levels. Foods high in healthy saturated fats, such as brazil nuts, eggs, avocados, olive oil and grassfed beef, pork and dairy, will boost testosterone levels – and higher test means more muscle and less fat. Win!
It would be repetitive to remind you to strength train at least three times per week, because you know that by now, right? Anyway – here\’s another reminder. Strength train at least three times per week. Having a heavy bench press not only makes you manlier and more attractive to the ladies, but it can help disguise moobs by building impressively large pecs.
If you follow the above advice, you\’ll never be the butt of any moob jokes ever again, and you\’ll never have to shop with your wife in the lingerie department!

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Jessica Culver is a clean-eating, powerlifting, dancing journalist who wants to help you get a hot and efficient body. You can learn more about her on her site at

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 Quick Summary

  •  Man boobs are caused by excessive estrogen.
  • To avoid environmental estrogens, use organic meat and dairy.
  • Eat cruciferous veggies (like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Foods that naturally boost testosterone are high in healthy saturated fats, like eggs, avocados, olive oil, grassfed beef, etc.
  • For God\’s sakes, strength train!

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