FREE Seminar: The Hormone-Body Fat Connection

Seminar: The Hormone-Body Fat Connection


If you’ve been to my talks before, you’ve heard me say over and over again “hormones determine your body fat a lot more than calories.” And if you’ve been reading my newsletters for any length of time, you know that there are specific correlations between where you store your body fat and your hormonal profile. To reiterate:

Triceps = testosterone

Chest = aromatase for men (which is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen) and estrogen balance for women (estrogen is a group of 3 different hormones, and it’s the balance between them that determines risk for different types of cancers)

Upper back = genetic tolerance for carbohydrates (how many carbohydrates can you eat before putting on body fat?)

Over the ribs = thyroid

Love handles = insulin

Belly = cortisol

Thighs = estrogen

Knees and calves = growth hormone

So on Sunday, January 26, I am hosting a 2-hour seminar where I will do a live assessment of a first-timer, and interpret their results.

You already know that what works for your friends or spouse may not work for you, so this gives us a way to identify what’s going on in your body, and how to tailor an exercise, nutrition and supplementation program to you.

The seminar is limited to only 15 people, so if you’d like to attend, let me know ASAP.

Cost: FREE

Location: 500 Denison St. (main intersection: Woodbine and Denison)

Date and time: January 26, 2014, 3PM-5PM

Email me to register.

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