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The Low Carb Grocery store sells great-tasting, but healthy low carb snacks. In the past, low carb snacks were bland, tasteless, almost like eating a cardboard. Not so at The Low Carb Grocery. Since I work less than 1 kilometer away from them, I decided to drop by and see what they have, and boy, was I impressed.


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In this video, Justine Yau, the owner of the Low Carb grocery shows healthy (AND good tasting) alternatives to the classic snacks we know and love. She outlines healthy alternatives to:

– Chocolate spread

– Salad dressings

– Chocolate bars

– Cookies

– Jam

– Potato chips

Many of these snacks are high in fiber, high in protein, and they\’re sweetened with primarily healthy, sugar-free sweeteners, like stevia, xylitol (although this one\’s slightly controversial) and erythritol.

There are very few ingredients in all of these, and you don\’t need a degree in biochemistry to pronounce them. A very good sign.

And in case you\’re wondering, no, I\’m not getting paid to endorse them. I just think it\’s a cool concept that gives great options.

You can either visit The Low Carb Grocery store at 170 Esna Park in Markham, or order their products online.

In future videos, Justine also shows healthy, low carb alternatives to our favourite starchy foods, like bagels, pasta and bread. This one really blew my mind that a bagel can have 17 grams of fiber, and only 1 gram of net carbohydrates. Yep, The Low Carb Grocery has those.

In yet another video, she talks about some misconceptions about low carbohydrate dieting, and how there are different types of carbohydrates. After all, when most people think of carbohydrates, we think of just starches, like rice and potatoes, or about candy. Let\’s not forget that fibre is also a sub-type of carbohydrate. We\’ll talk about the different effects of those.

And of course, what we all want to know about: how do low carbohydrate diets help burn fat?

Stay tuned for all those.

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